Video Production & Editing


“It’s not just about the knowledge, it’s about the know-how”

1200-hour program – 6 modules

For: Video Producer, Video Editor, Associate Web Editor

This 1200-hour program with six modules prepares students to shoot and edit videos as well as create visual content for the Web and a range of digital supports.

The course spans six modules. It includes extensive use of Adobe Creative Cloud for learning through creating visual content pour the web, whether it is for a company, a publication or an association.

Practice is intensive with the students required to achieve a professional level for Adobe Cloud applications and with video equipment and editing tools.

The program is assignment-driven so that students who complete it successfully will have the skills required to work as a visual content creators and video editors.

A school day starts with a session where the teacher explains the basics of a given subject and answer students’ questions. Most the time course is devoted to project-based, hands-on assignments under the guidance of a teacher. For the last module, students will have to create a “demo reel” which they will use when applying for a job.

The one-year course covers 6 modules:

  • Introduction to video and audio tools and equipment, video for Social Networks
  • Video production in house and in the field
  • Photoshop, After Effects creation
  • Photography
  • Editing with Premiere Pro
  • Portfolio creation


Students must bring their own laptop with the following specifications: CPU Intel Core i7 Quad-Core, Hard Drive 512 GB, RAM 16 GB, Wi-Fi card and NVIDIA Quadro P500 Graphics Card (2GB), 4-in-1 Card Reader. Retail price new: varies with vendor, around $1,800. Software required: Adobe Creative Cloud: $19.99 per month