Advanced Programming & System Administration

Advanced Programming & Systems Administration

“It’s not just about the knowledge, it’s about the know-how”

1240-hour program – 8 modules

For: Software developer, systems administrator, database manager

The Advanced Programming and Systems Administration program’s goal is to bring students to the level where they master all the necessary skills to work as programmers and systems administrators.

The project-based, lab-environment program seeks to bring students to a level where they can have project management responsibilities. The teaching method is the same as for the Basic Programming and Systems Administration program. Students must have successfully completed the Basic program to enroll in the Advanced program.  

The course relies on assignments and hands-on experience to develop the skills required in a professional environment.  

The teaching method guides students to identify the programming errors they may have encountered, research the cause of the error and find a solution – just like in a real-world work situation. The teacher can provide guidance. Students may benefit from each other’s experience as they would in a work environment as part of a team.

A final project determines whether the student will graduate. The student must present and explain his project during a 50-minute presentation that includes a Q&A from the teacher. The teacher may review the project before the final presentation to guide students’ progress.  

Of particular importance in the quality of the final project will be the explicit mechanism for human-computer interface (HCI), including all input/output between user and computer. Another area of the final project is security and assistance.   

The one-year course covers 8 modules:

  • Networks and distributed computing
  • Introduction to object-oriented programming (OOP) in C++
  • Advanced OOP in Java and .Net  
  • Web and apps programming in Java and in .Net
  • Security and threats
  • Mobile programming
  • Web programming in Java and in .Net
  • Final assignment


Students must bring their own laptop with the following specifications: CPU Intel Core i7, Hard Drive 512 GB, RAM 8 GB, Wi-Fi and graphic cards. The operating system must be Linux. Retail price new: varies with vendor, around $1,500.